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We are different from other fabricators!
Reinhardt Brothers is probably one of the most unique natural stone fabricators in the US. We import our own stones, have amazing equipment and customer service that's hard to match.
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Color Selection            Over 1000 slabs in stock, in more than 100 colors.
Reinhardt Brothers is not only a fabricator and installer , but also a direct importer of natural stone. With over 1000 slabs in stock, in more than 100 colors.  You will have no problems finding what you are looking for. We import only premium quality natural stones from the most renowned quarries all over the world. Having our own stock allows us to work faster, producing countertops with the highest quality. Our inventory is accessible to you as well at our location where you can see full slabs, and not just tiny samples like in home improvement centers.
Unlike us, small fabricators have few slabs of their own, so if you're looking for a larger selection, they will ask you to go to "their" warehouse which in reality is an independent wholesaler. These warehouses sell slabs to make money, so their markup is usually substantial! They also carry commercial grade slabs, which leave a lot to be desired as far as the quality is concerned. At REINHARDT BROTHERS there are no middlemen involved, so you get tremendous savings on the highest possible quality material. Since everything is here on our yard, we can start working on the project as soon as you order. The usual hassles you get when working with a small fabricator are gone too. For example, if for some reason your slab cracks or breaks we have plenty more in stock from the same exact batch, right in our location. With other fabricators there is more possibility of a slab breaking because of the need to transport it from the wholesaler. And when it breaks, someone will have to pay for a new slab. That someone is probably going to be you. Fortunately, things like that don't happen at REINHARDT BROTHERS. Having our own stone inventory makes us a truly one-stop-shopping solution for your stone projects.
Quality - Why are these machines so important?
We utilize the most advanced fabrication processes available on the market. Our shop currently uses CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery for granite processing. Why are these machines so important? Without them, all of the fabrication would have to be done by hand.
It's a slow and tedious process, which requires more labor. The cost of hand fabrication is much higher because more people and time are needed to complete the job. So, what most fabricators do to save time is the so called "dry-cutting". In essence, they do not use water to polish the stone. Not using water results in a low quality finish on the edges of the stone. The edges look dull and once you swipe your hand along the edge, you will feel bumps and unevenness. With CNC technology, these problems are gone. Our machinery always uses water, and since it is controlled by a computer, it follows the line of the edge perfectly, keeping constant pressure on the stone. That guarantees smooth, shiny edges without the bumps.
The quality of the stone is a whole other topic. At REINHARDT BROTHERS you can be sure that all of the slabs are of premium quality. So what is the difference between premium and commercial slabs? Premium slabs are top quality material. They are free of imperfections. Commercial slabs on the other hand, may contain uneven color and pattern distribution, odd spots, cracks, uneven polish, or other flaws. While in many cases these slabs can be used to produce a usable countertop, it may not look as good as it should. Because of the uneven color distribution on the slab, creating visually pleasing seams becomes a challenge and unsightly spots disturb the appearance of the countertop.
Customization - It's all possible with us.
Granite as a natural stone has a very varied look, just like our customers' design ideas. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and so we allow you to customize your countertops to a degree that none of our competition can.
Choosing the color of granite for your countertops is not enough. Sometimes slabs can vary in color and pattern, even within one batch, so we want you to pick the very slabs that we'll use for your project. It gets even more fun because after we template your cabinets, you can come back to the yard and align them on the slab and choose what parts you want to use. Want to keep that colorful vein on the countertop? Or maybe you want to put your sink cutout where the darker spots are? It's all possible with us.
The wide range of edge profiles is also useful to change the look of your countertops. Whether you pick something modern like a beveled edge, or more traditional such as an ogee, we have the edge designs that match every kitchen. But the real freedom starts with custom shapes of your countertops. A corner bumpout can truly accent your stylized corbels and make the granite really fit in with your cabinetry. We have the tools and the skill it takes to make your designs come true. Take a look at our gallery to see what others have done with their ideas.
Turnaround time for your kitchen at just 5 days.
We are proud to say, that we have set the benchmark at just 5 days! You read it right, five  days from the time we make template and have your stone selected to insure no interference with scheduling.
Getting granite countertops requires you to get rid of your existing countertop surface before we template so we can make accurate measurements. We understand how inconvenient it can be. The time it takes to fabricate and install your countertops varies between different companies. It can be two weeks, or two months. We thought that even two weeks is too long to live without a fully functional kitchen, so we worked hard to shorten this period of time. But don't think we sacrifice the quality of the product. Again, thanks to the CNC machines we keep the excellent quality at record breaking production speeds.
Staff - You will never be left alone.
The same attention for detail is present when you visit our showroom and yard. Our salespeople will answer all of your questions. They are periodically trained by leading designers on the principles of interior design, and will be able to help you pick a color and pattern that will compliment your home. Whether you already have something in mind, or just want to browse for ideas, they will show you the best prospects for your project. Even though our selection of colors is very extensive, you don't have to worry. You will never be left alone, wasting time looking at colors that don't even apply to your ideas. Our salespeople at our location will assure a prompt service and an individual experience which many of our customers call "unforgettable".
Our installers have years of experience. They start as apprentices and learn the fine details of granite installation techniques. Once they have proven themselves to be able to install countertops on their own, they are assigned a crew of helpers. This system of training guarantees that your kitchen countertops will be installed by professionals. Courtesy and respect for your property are always their top priorities.
And finally, our extensive galleries of completed projects will give you a really good idea of what other homeowners like. It is a great source of fresh ideas for using natural stone in your home.
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